Pediatrics - Dr. Efi try to give all the answers to all the questions

The comprehensive website for clinical Pediatrics, from the parents point of view

Professor Efi Bilavsky, senior physician in the Department of of Pediatrics ‘C’ at Schneider Medical Center of Israel.
Specialist in pediatrics and specialist in infectious diseases in children.
Married to a stunning pediatrician and father of three cute children.

Welcome to the comprehensive website in Israel for Pediatrics.

The Hebrew version of this site is on air for a year with around 100K unique visitors per month.

I am in the beginning of trying to translate some of the pages, in order to reach out for more parents.

For now, I started with the ENT (ear, nose and throat) section.

I hope that this content, which will be renewed from time to time, will help parents who are looking for answers to important questions in the field of pediatrics.


I wish you fruitful and instructive surfing, and I Here For you, for any question.