Fever in children

Fever diseases in children

This is the first chapter on the site and it includes general content on the subject of fever in children.

How fever is caused in children (chapter for the well-wishers), what is the definition of fever in children, fever in infants up to two months of age who constitute a different group from the general population of children and signs that are important to pay attention to at any age.

This is the most practical chapter on the site that actually talks about methods for lowering fever in children and what to actually do.

There is a lot of information in this chapter, from how to measure fever to quantities and how to accept common medications to lower fever in children.

Suggests delving into, understanding and using this information for effective and safe heat reduction in your child.

On the subject of fever in children, there are a lot of important questions that I have not answered in the other parts of the site, which are more specific and focus on exactly how to lower the fever.

Questions of principle and interest such as "Does teething cause fever in children?" Or "What to do with a child who has a lot of feverish illnesses?", Are questions that all parents grapple with and I hope the answers will be found in this section.