'Hagashash HaChiver' and medicine

‘Hagashash HaChiver’ and medicine

No, there was not and will not be a comedy band I loved like the ‘Hagashash HaChiver’ Trio.

Like it happened yesterday, when my dad took me to see their show at the Orda cinema in Ramat Gan. They came up with the clothes of Roman warriors and sang "Water to King David." I did not understand what the point was. Then in the chorus they raised their hands in funny movements and the bottom of their panties protruded, and my stomach exploded with laughter.

How we would wait in the Saturday morning sketch shows for the ‘Hagashash HaChiver’s sketch. And how they always put their sketches last so we could listen to the show to the end.

Inside the hundreds of sketches, songs and movies of the ‘Hagashash HaChiver’ are hidden medical episodes. One of my hobbies is to look for the ‘Hagashash HaChiver’s perspective on the world of medicine.

So in front of you:

‘Hagashash HaChiver’ and medicine (or in other words the world is funny so laugh)

The world is funny so laugh ...