How to avoid infection with toxoplasmosis in pregnancy?

The site already has a dedicated area For pregnant vaccines And there is an area dedicated to prevention Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in pregnancy . So as if not enough things to think about in pregnancy, here’s another one.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis infection in pregnancy.


Who is it and what is this toxoplasma?

The parasite is called Toxoplasma gondii.

The parasite lives in the intestines of animals, especially cats. Infection of humans most often occurs by contact of hands with cat feces and from there to the mouth or by eating meat that is not cooked properly.

What disease is caused by an infection in the toxoplasmosis?

In people who are healthy most of the time infections are asymptomatic or the symptoms are very mild. But there are two populations of people in whom toxoplasmosis infection can get complicated: vaccine-suppressed and pregnant women.

What is the danger of toxoplasmosis infection in pregnancy?

The parasite can pass through the placenta to the fetus and cause congenital syndrome with the involvement of the fetal nervous system. At the end of the spectrum is an unpleasant disease.

How to avoid infection with toxoplasmosis in pregnancy?

The above recommendations are true not only in pregnancy but also for the population of immunocompromised people and in general. These are the recommendations:

1. Avoid touching hands with sand including gardening, landscape architecture and any other potential contact with animal feces and especially cats. In case there is no choice it is advisable to use gloves and wash hands well after.

2. If there is a litter box for cat feces in the house – be sure to change, carefully as written in section 1, the sand every day (the parasite does not infect for the first day or two days) after the cat leaves.

3. If there is a cat in the house – it should be fed with commercial food and not with uncooked meat (hunting mice, etc.).

4. Avoid eating meat that is not cooked properly including steak tartare, carpaccio, ceviche and more. Eating a hamburger or steak while pregnant? Go for maximum cooking degree.

5. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

6. Wash hands and surfaces in the kitchen thoroughly after dealing with uncooked meat, fruits or vegetables.

7. Do not eat seafood that is not cooked properly including mussels, oysters and more.

8. Do not drink unpasteurized goat milk.

9. Do not drink water from an unsafe source, especially for undeveloped countries.

In conclusion

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As if there are no shortage of bans on a pregnant woman, now I also take the Medium Landscaping and the Carpaccio.

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