Sing to me doctor...

Welcome to another section on the site that is less medical. But if the purpose of the site is somewhere to contribute to the health of our children, then this part has no less benefit than any reading about this or that patient.

In addition, fulfilling my old dream because as a child I was fascinated by the love of Eretz Israel songs, and I try to pass this love on.

The original thought was a book of songs suitable for parents and children, but sage advice got me off of it.

So in this section of the site, songs that I on the one hand like or relate to personally and on the other hand I made sure that each and every one of them had some added value in their show or joint singing with the kids.

Suggests getting into songs even if you are unfamiliar, maybe hearing first, connecting to the tune and then moving on.

Thanks for helping to fulfill this part I received from all the friends and all the illustrators, as you will see in each and every song.