Slang of pediatrics

Slang of pediatricians

Medical slang in general is a language created in my opinion out of necessity and constraints.

From time constraints – the need to explain in one word a complex situation ("How is the patient in room 12?", Answer "flower").

From situation constraints – sometimes the doctor wants to give more or less details in a particular forum and uses slang aimed at another medical staff member (American thermometer, extra morom and more).

But mostly in my opinion from the constraints of emotion – the use of slang makes it easier to deal with complex situations and allows "escape" to other places, of humor or of cynicism. When I wrote this chapter, I was surprised to see that in the field of pediatrics we have less use of slang that originates in this area.

On the other hand, some of the slang comes from teaching younger doctors a clinical way of thinking, for example red herring or zebra.

To the onlooker, some of the concepts may sound like expressions of a particular medical condescension. I do not look at it that way. I know and believe that pediatricians come from a place of love for children and the profession, and slang serves some other need, but not condescension.

So in front of you:

Slang concepts that are in use among pediatricians

Slang of doctors


A positive nickname for a patient who was very ill but improved miraculously. “How’s the serious patient from room 6?” Answer – “flower”.

So that you do not suffer from the voice of Boja and we will talk about everything Extra Morom ...