A “tipat halav” session at one month of age

Inhalation This is your second appointment already in tipat halav (or you have been to the pediatrician).

This is definitely also one of the important sessions, not necessarily because of the vaccines but because of the acquaintance that is still initial, because of the significant guidance that can be given in this session and because of the growth assessment that is so important in the beginning.

If this is the first appointment, remember to bring the discharge letters from the hospital (medical and nursing discharge letter).

What are the highlights of this session?

Interview and parental guidance – as usual. Emphasis on baby nutrition. Make sure that vitamin D is given to the newborn and at the same time make sure that there is no indication of early iron onset (preterm infants should receive iron from the age of one month, See link ).
What do you expect developmentally? Not a lot at this age but there are a number of important things. Listen to the mother about waking, sleeping and eating habits. While taking the metrics you can wake a sleeping baby to try and catch his eyes to check if he is following closely (not required at this age). You can be impressed by the muscle tone when lifting the baby.
Indices – as usual, weighing, head circumference and length and comparison to previous data. The desired weight gain rate is about 750 grams in the first month of life. The circumference of the head should increase by 2 cm since birth and the length by 4-5 cm.
Vaccines – single vaccine, second dose (the first one he gets in his first inhalation after birth in the nursery) of You have jaundice in me . I do not expect any special side effects in the baby after this vaccination.
Tasks after the meeting:
A. Make an appointment for an ultrasound of the hip joints, See link On the importance also in children without a risk factor.
B. The next appointment for tipat halav should be made, For a two-month age meeting .