Baby acne

A common rash (seen to one degree or another in up to 20% of infants) that typically appears on the face in infants up to one month of age. These are usually papules (prominent pimples) or Fistulas (Papules with a head). The name in English is more accurate than the Hebrew term and is Neonatal cephalic pustulosis – Neonatal is a baby up to one month of age, a cephalic is the area of the head and pustulosis is directed to the same pimples.

The reason? One of two, or a combination.

A. Inflammatory reaction of the facial skin to a particular fungus found on the baby’s skin.

B. Hormonal inflammatory response of the newborn.

Remember that this is only a cosmetic problem and not a medical condition that causes illness in the baby.

Subsequently, the rash will recede spontaneously over the following weeks, without any special treatment.

If someone is eager to treat you can think of combinations of cream or ointment with anti-fungal substance and / or steroids.