Tipat halav

The milk drop service provided free of charge in the State of Israel is a wonderful "invention" that takes care of and maintains the health of all Israeli children.

The importance of this service to families and babies cannot be underestimated. A good and professional milk drop has a very significant impact on a national and individual level on each of our children.

According to the Ministry of Health website, milk drop has several purposes:

  • Disease prevention through vaccination.
  • Advice and early detection of health problems through growth and development monitoring, vision testing, language communication and more.
  • Guidance, advice and guidance for further tests as required.
  • Disease prevention by training for a healthy lifestyle including sensible nutrition, breastfeeding, child development, dental health, hygiene, safety and more.
  • Guidance and counseling for parents and "parents on the go" on issues related to parenting and raising children.

Therefore, the role of the website of this chapter is to strengthen the parents with important information that will support those meetings that are planned for you in a milk drop. I am sure that a parent who understands and prepares for these sessions will receive more accurate care and follow-up for his child.

The chapter is intentionally constructed as more general and principled chapters at the beginning, and later specific chapters devoted to each session separately.