1969 from the Cantata program for shawarma.
Nissim Aloni wrote and Yair Ronblum composed the song with the words so beautiful and so funny. But in the third house we learn about a very naughty doctor.
"Well, then I ran away like a saving eagle
bless you!
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It was Dr. Azoulay who told him:
It is better to play backgammon at night.
He only played backgammon
At a quarter past six I crawled to Tzila, Rei,
Ai Ai Ai
And in her lap then I finally found, my friend,
Ai Ai Ai
You're Azoulay
Ai Ai Ai! "

So it was only in 1966 that we had the serious Dr. Eisen, a specialist in internal diseases. And now only three years have passed and you will see the difference …