How do you applie eye ointment to children?

If we want to maximize the effectiveness of any eye ointment, there is room to remember how to properly apply eye ointment in children (and also in adults …).

Many parents are debating whether it is even better to use eye drops or eye ointment on children? Well, it's individual. Many of the preparations exist in the form of drops or ointment only and there is no hesitation. But if there is a similar preparation in drops and also in ointment then the parents need to decide what will be easier to treat.

Drops – How to wait in children can be complicated. On the other hand, it's a twist and we're done.

How do you applie eye ointment to children? - דוקטור אפי

Ointment – if applied correctly, here too the method of waiting for children is not simple and in addition there are many children who are bothered by the ointment and they wipe the ointment on the sleeve a moment after application.

Some parents prefer to combine, for example morning and afternoon drops and ointment at night when the child is asleep. You will see below, that if you want to apply properly, it is difficult to do so in an older child …

So how do you apply?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Ask the child to tilt his head back, or hold his head with a tilt back.
  3. Using your finger, pull the middle part of the lower eyelid down.
  4. Apply, and preferably directly without the touch of another finger (or the tip of the tube), the ointment in the resulting "pocket" area.
  5. The remnants of the excess ointment can be wiped off and the child can be asked to close the eye for a short time.

I will emphasize that in the right form of application, there is no need to apply similarly to the area of the upper eyelid, because the ointment will also get there.

For many parents (and I'm among them) this is almost an impossible task so many parents apply with their finger and not directly from the receiver. In addition, many parents do not take care to pull the lower eyelid down and simply apply it to the area of the eye below the eyelid (and also above the upper eyelid) in the hope that it will absorb. And it is mostly absorbed although the efficiency decreases.

So there is an optimal way of giving but it is not simple and requires some cooperation of the child.

And there is life itself.